Sunglass Tints

The warm weather is here and we are all spending more time outside. Whether you are playing golf, tennis, bike riding, swimming, sailing or just catching a few rays during lunchtime, sunglasses should be a very important part of your summer wardrobe. At Klauer Optical, we have a huge selection of name brand designer sunglasses [...]

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Introducing The TotalView iB Lens

Klauer Optical is pleased to announce our newest and most exciting new lens option, the TotalView iB ™. The TotalView iB™ is personal digital progressive lens designed for those who need the comfort of prescription lenses while using smart digital devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, which of course, is most of us [...]

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Undercover LASIK Surgery Investigation

We are all about seeing better. Whether that is a regular eye exam, a new pair of eyeglasses, sunglasses, or contact lenses, Klauer Optical wants to help you and your family see better. We know a lot of people who get LASIK surgery. We are not Anti-LASIK, but smart LASIK. We know a lot of good [...]

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Line Of Sight

We love taking a look back as much as we love looking forward. Did you know that the first eyeglasses available in the US (almost a hundred years before Iowa became a state) cost about $200? That would be equivalent to $6,000 in today's dollars, so keep that in mind next time you look at [...]

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Famous Eyewear

We recognize iconic looks every day. From Willie Nelson’s pigtails to Miley Cyrus’ tongue. In the eyeglass world, we have plenty of iconic looks as well, from John Lennon to Harry Potter. Here is a look at some very famous eyewear from the folks at Pop Chart Lab. What is your look? We can help [...]

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Use Them Before You Lose Them

Your 2013 Insurance flex funds will expire soon. Don’t lose the money you worked for all year. Come into Klauer Optical and purchase a new pair of stylish eyeglasses with those dollars. It’s almost like getting a new pair of eyeglasses free!

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Geek The Libraries

Geek:   VERB To love, to enjoy, to celebrate, to have an intense passion for. To express interest in. To possess a large amount of knowledge in. To promote. Klauer Optical is proudly supporting our local libraries Geek the Libraries campaign to raise awareness of the services and resources provided us by our public libraries. [...]

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Did you know that upwards of 8% of men are colorblind? No, we are not talking about the tie they chose to wear with that shirt, though perhaps for some men, that is a very legitimate excuse. Women are affected far less with only 1 out of every 200 affected by colorblindness. The light sensitive [...]

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Best Of The Best…15 Years Running

Thank you to to everyone in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin who for the 15th year in a row voted Klauer Optical as the Best Place To Buy Eye Wear. We are honored to have earned your trust and confidence once more and wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your patronage. Every day we try [...]

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