TotalView iB™  Lens, Glasses on tablet

Klauer Optical is pleased to announce our newest and most exciting new lens option, the TotalView iB ™. The TotalView iB™ is personal digital progressive lens designed for those who need the comfort of prescription lenses while using smart digital devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, which of course, is most of us over 40 and many of us under 40 too.

The TotalView iB™ features Inter-Boost Technology that provides increased performance in that intermediate zone where we use our computers and mobile devices, as well as improved near and reading zones, providing for a lens you can wear whether you are driving on I-80 or in Real Racing 3 on your iPhone. These lenses provide the greatest field of focus from distance to close-up and everywhere in between of any lens we have ever offered before.

Come in today to your nearest Klauer Optical and let us demonstrate the TotalView iB™ difference.