“What was advanced is obsolete!”

 Klauer Optical is now using the newest digital technology for progressive lenses.

Instead of having the reading area molded into the front of the lens, where the design is the same no matter what your prescription is, we start with a simple single vision lens and sculpt the entire prescription into the back surface, designing the lens so that it gives each individual prescription the widest viewing areas and the least amount of distortion.

Each lens is individually made for your unique prescription and frame. This allow us to design the lens so that you have an almost 40% wider viewing area and the parts of the lens that are not useable are kept out of your way, translating into superior clarity and a wider field of vision. No lens material between you and your prescription to create swim and distortion that’s normally associated with even the expensive traditional progressive lenses.

This is the first real innovation in design in over 20 years, not just a new design, but a completely new way of making lenses. 

Digital Lenses are available in some specialty configurations

Digital Office:    This lens design allows for wide reading and intermediate viewing areas and adequate indoor distance vision. Great for prolonged reading and computer use. In some cases, where there is not a strong distance Rx the lens can be designed for full time wear.

Digital Drive and Sport:      These lenses are designed with the widest sharpest distance view, a wide and comfortable intermediate view and adequate near vision. These lenses are NOT designed for prolonged near work, but are to be worn by active people outdoors for sports such as tennis and golf and for driving. Most people can easily switch from their regular indoor progressive to these lenses and back again.

Our expert opticians can help you get the lenses that are right for you.