Myopic? Presbyopic? Cataracts? Klauer Optical can help. Whether you need glasses for reading, driving, working or playing, Klauer Optical has a range of exceptional products that will help you see better. Our staff at Klauer Optical is made up of certified opticians who have the training and expertise to recommend, in conjunction with your eye doctor, the perfect lenses for your needs. Klauer Optical is the store optical lens manufacturers turn to first with the newest and lightest-weight lenses. We are the Digital Lens Experts. Let us help you see better than you have in ages.

get the right focus at Klauer Optical
  • Single Vision Lenses – Working, playing, reading, driving — whatever you do, you want to look great in your new eyeglasses. More importantly, you want great vision. Klauer Optical has the thinnest lightest-weight single vision lenses from all the major lens manufacturers to suit your personal taste.
  • Bifocals – Bifocals are two lenses in one. One part, or segment (usually the bottom), is made to adjust the eye for close focus, and the other (top) has a different strength for distant focus.
  • Trifocals – People who have difficulty seeing well four to six feet away with bifocals may need trifocals, which have a middle section to correct for midrange distance.
  • Progressive Lenses – Around 40, most adult start to have difficulty focusing at close range. Single vision lenses can no longer be used for the entire range of vision from near to far. Progressive lenses erase the noticeable bifocal lines and provide excellent vision near, medium and far away.
  • Digital Lenses – Free-form technology creates a progressive lens by using individualized parameters. A personalized progressive incorporates patient specific information into its design and production. The data includes your specific prescription, vertex distance, pupillary distance, fitting height, and pantoscopic tilt. This information is “optimized” with complex software algorythms to design a lens specifically and individually designed just for you. While traditional lenses are created and calculated on averages, new FreeForm lenses are custom made for each wearer based on precise scientific measurements of your eyes and your prescription. These new FreeForm lenses are as unique as your fingerprint, since they are custom made just for you. Klauer Optical is proud to be the first in Iowa to provide these amazing new lenses. Klauer Optical has been custom fitting personalized progressive lenses since 2003, years before most optical stores.These new lenses provide the clearest and widest distance of any lens on the market as well as provide dramatic improvement in intermediate and near zones. Ask a Klauer Optical vision specialist today about these new lenses and see what you’ve been missing