Now that Daylight Savings Time has started, people are thinking sunglasses. A frequently asked question of the opticians at Klauer Optical is: What type of Sunglass lens offers the best protection? The answer really has four parts.

  • First and foremost you want your sunglasses to absorb all of the harmful ultra violet radiation from the sun. Most quality sun lenses will be labeled UV Absorptive or UV 400, which means they will protect you from the invisible harmful UV rays.
  • Second, for the best lenses to block glare, the only proven solution would be polarized lenses. A polarization film is molded into the lens, allowing it effectively block most glare caused by sun reflection. Polarized lenses are available in many non-prescription sunglasses and can now be made in virtually any prescription.
  • Third, an anti-relection coating put on the back side of a sunglass lens will eliminate the problem of having the sun reflect off of the back surface of the lens into your eyes when the sun is behind you. These lenses are generally found in high quality plano sunglasses such as Maui Jim, Persol, Julbo, and many Oakley styles. This option can also be added to prescription sunglasses.
  • Fourth,lens color is also important. When choosing a lens color it is critical to keep in mind how the sunglasses will be used and in what conditions.

The accompanying lens color chart provides a summary of lens color information.

Our opticians can help you with your selection of plain or prescription sunglasses. We have hundreds of styles to choose from with a myriad of lens colors and designer names.