Introducing The TotalView iB Lens

Klauer Optical is pleased to announce our newest and most exciting new lens option, the TotalView iB ™. The TotalView iB™ is personal digital progressive lens designed for those who need the comfort of prescription lenses while using smart digital devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, which of course, is most of us [...]

2017-05-22T14:06:48-05:00June 24th, 2014|Eyeglasses, Lenses|0 Comments

The Digital Lens Difference

“What was advanced is obsolete!”  Klauer Optical is now using the newest digital technology for progressive lenses. Instead of having the reading area molded into the front of the lens, where the design is the same no matter what your prescription is, we start with a simple single vision lens and sculpt the entire prescription [...]

2017-05-22T14:06:50-05:00February 7th, 2012|General, Lenses|0 Comments
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